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l0ve is changing us in ways we do not fathom

Love is invaluable currency. As an imperative for evolutionary success, expressed in the intimacy, passion and commitment we display each other in the service of survival and procreation, it has rightfully enchanted our species. But as our evolutionary impulses change, and as individuality and diversity become vital capacities, new priorities and equations are emerging rapidly.

For now, there is much anxiety and confusion. We are the most social animal species, and social media has us tethered to our devices on an industrial click farm, obsessed with harvesting approval. Immediacy, ubiquity and omniscience are the new virtues, replacing privacy, reserve and care. And as we go about meticulously crafting our avatars and insensately trading in the currency of attention, we often lose sight of ourselves.

There is a price to pay for all of this. Because, however expeditious we may have gotten with our opposable thumbs, we have not yet adjusted to the reality of password-protected hearts. And while evolution is an invisible force, playing out over a longer horizon than we can imagine, social change is accelerating evermore while our responses remain rooted in traditional habits, expectations and biases.

There is also great hope. Ursula K Le Guin, referencing the survival of the fittest said “the strongest, in the existence of any social species, are those who are most social. In human terms, most ethical…” We have fallen down a rabbit hole without a compass, but we still have a sense for which way is up. And love, which has always been about useful delusion, is a candle in this darkness.  

How do we metabolise the regular flood of emotional input when we are still struggling to establish authenticity? What community can we build when virtual identity denies us trust in the digital commons? Why would anyone want to deal with the messiness of relationships when they can micro-dose pheromone hits with the swipe of a finger?

Welcome to the lovestream – where we’re all reality show participants animated by the binary dance of the electrical signal.